COVID-19 NOTICE: Now offering Virtual Princess Hangouts and NEW Parade Party Appearances! Text (562) 444-8680 to book NOW!


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Virtual Hangout

Your child & their favorite princess will get a magical one-on-one hangout via FaceTime or Zoom!

Princess Hangout activity options include:

  • Meet & Greet
  • Princess Story Telling
  • Princess Sing-along
  • Princess Guessing Games
  • Princess Etiquette Lesson

Parade Party Appearance

Until things are safe enough to resume our regular Princess Party experience, we would like to start offering these special Appearances.  You can now book your child's favorite Princess to come by for a Socially Distant Hangout! The Princess will remain in her carriage as to avoid the want for big warm hugs.  She will stay for up to 20 minutes for an intimate chat & photos from her open window. 

    Hoping to bring smiles & laughter to you & your little ones during this time.



    Invite this princess to your princess party and be dazzled by her poise and grace. She will be in her favorite blue ball gown that she wore to the royal ball where she met her prince. She will prepare your little princess for her own royal ball!  She will tell her story of the magical night, teach every prince and princess how to dance and pose, and play familiar party games.